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Magda & Magda - Owners

They have been running the Baby English Academy for over 10 years now. It was their dream to find a place where young learners are welcomed with warm hearts. They are fully committed to run the kindergarten with positive energy and to bring joy to both children and their parents. Their first priority is the safety of the children and the staff. In addition to that, they make sure every child and the staff feel homely, healthy and cheerful. They also take care of the atmosphere at BEA and are always available when support is needed. Both are graduates of Economic studies, psychology and pedagogical studies. Healthy lifestyle fans, photography enthusiasts, mothers of four teenagers.


Ania – Teacher

She is a graduate of Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw with the specialisation in pedagogical studies and the Technical University in Radom. She graduated in the field of Children's Mathematics as well as in the field of supporting the development of pre-school children. Working with children is her passion and her professional path ahead. She has been consistently working with children for many years now. Every day, she tries to bring a smile to little ones around her and educate them to discover the world. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her bike and meeting her family and friends.

Magda Logopedka

Magda –Teacher, Speach Therapist

She is a graduate of UKSW in Speech Therapy, Pre-school and early childhood education. She has also completed post-graduate studies in the field of communication and media at WSB University in Gdansk. On an ongoing basis, she enriches her knowledge and broadens her education-related to children's education by participating in thematic training and courses. She has been working with children, adolescents and adults for many years. As a speech therapist, she corrects speech defects in both children and adults, also conducts adult aphasia therapy after strokes and accidents. She runs a kindergarten group and speech therapy at BEA. A mother to a teenager and a passionate photographer.


Kani – English Native Speaker

She took up teaching back in 2007 when she arrived in Poland. She has worked in a language school and in few kindergartens before joining as a  BEA staff member in 2008. Having completed a degree in International Studies at the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka, but being drowned to teaching young kids, gives her the opportunity to open little minds to a curious world. Her favourite part of teaching is the project-oriented approach, which enables children to participate in fun activities such as cooking, experiments and theatre. She enjoys travelling, hiking and reading.


Iza –Teacher

She has studied pre-school and early school education at the University of Warsaw. She is finishing her Master's degree in pedagogy at the APS Warsaw, also at the University of Warsaw. She runs a kindergarten group. As a very patient, resourceful, gentle and creative person, she is able to make everyone happy around her. In her spare time, she loves riding her bike and spending quality time with her fiance.


Kasia –Teacher

She is a graduate of pedagogical studies at the University of Warsaw. Her motto is the words of Janusz Korczak 'when a child laughs, the whole world laughs'. She has completed the Batti Strauss method of music education' and an aerobics instructor course. She loves music, dancing and singing. She believes in integration activities and games that teach preschoolers to cooperate and offer mutual help. As a mother of three children, she loves spending her spare time with her family.


Kasia – SI Therapist

She has graduated from AWF in Warsaw. She co-leads a kindergarten group as well as responsible for the physical development of our preschoolers. She runs gym and sensory integration classes in our kindergarten. She is always full of ideas and loves challenges and boredom is something she wouldn't spare. She has many years of experience working with children. She loves mountains and sports activities. A mother to two teenagers.

VIOLA zdjęcie

Viola – Nursery Teacher

She is a graduate of the University of Warsaw with many years of working experience. She has worked as a school teacher as well as individually. She leads the youngest group at the kindergarten. She is a kind, cheerful and warm-hearted person. She is mother of a teenage girl.


Basia – Rhytmical & Musical Classes Instructor

She has studied pre-school and early school education at the University of Warsaw and also at the solo singing department of State Music School of F. Chopin in Warsaw. She is a passionate pedagogue and an active singer and musician. She has worked with the choir of National people's song and dance Ensemble 'Mazowsze' and the song and dance Ensemble of SGH in Warsaw since 2013. She has been working with children of all ages, showing them the magical world of music but not only by music, thus combining her two passions. She conducts rhythmic classes in our kindergarten. She is an animal lover, a faithful vegetarian and a cat owner.