Why you will like us?

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Because we will make many fascinating discoveries together

Because you will be the most important for us - each child separately and all together

Because we'll give you a sense of safety

Because we will have fun, we will laugh, we will discover and understand the world

Polish - English kindergarten Baby English Academy

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Baby English Academy kindergarten is a team of young but experienced people full of enthusiasm, who love to play and above all, who know how to spend time with the Children.

Our facility is intimate, that’s why every child can obtain an individual approach, which is so important for the proper emotional development of the toddler and the preschooler.

The child is surrounded by a smiling, friendly and empathetic group of pedagogues, people who can not only learn and educate, but also feel, sympathize and understand.

The Baby English Academy is an institution entered into the register of kindergartens of MENiS, dealing with education of pre-school children as well as pre-school adaptation of children from 1.5 years of age.

We are a bilingual institution, which means that Children from the beginning and throughout the day, in common play with an English-speaking teacher, naturally absorb the melody of the English language. We implement the didactic and educational program in accordance with the core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and Sport, as well as based on Maths for Children of prof. E. Gruszczyk - Kolczyńska, Developing Movement of W.Scherborne and other proven methods. We care both for the minds of our pupils and for their stomachs, which is why our dietitian stands guard over meals so that they are ecological, balanced and, above all, healthy.