Additional classes

Additional classes within the tuition fee

English - from "hello" to "good bye" - everyday!

What does it mean? We teach the English language immersion method, i.e. immerse children in a foreign language, surround them with language not only during classes blocks (1 - 2 blocks daily, every day) but also during everyday activities - games, meals, walks. There are two teachers in the group: Polish and English, which is why the child absorbs the melody of both languages as in bilingual families

Dance classes

Plenty of fun, lots of movement and a smile! This perfectly describes the weekly dance classes conducted by a professional dancer Kasia Żurawska. Children learn the basic steps of samba, rumba, waltz ... ... enjoying themselves at the same time.

Sensorki - classes with elements of Sensory Integration

The child experiences the world with all senses. Then he integrates the stimuli reaching his organism. How the nervous system handles them with them affects the perception of the world, defining reality and its behavior. When interference occurs in the sensory integration process, the Child may have problems with learning, concentration, coordination, activity level, development, self-esteem or behavior. The sensory integration process begins from the first weeks of fetal life and progresses to the end of the pre-school age. The whole of human functioning is connected with the development of sensory integration.

In our kindergarten "Sensorki" are used as a form of prevention of possible learning difficulties and stimulation of comprehensive development. Classes are conducted in all groups by an experienced sensory integration therapist.


Games with speech - group classes with a speech therapist

Classes serve the prevention of speech defects. For proper use of speech, it is necessary to properly operate the mechanisms that control the speaking process. In order for the verbal communication to proceed properly, proper breathing, the ability to use the voice, proper use of particular prosodic features in speech (pace of speech etc.), the ability to properly differentiate speech sounds (in speech therapy terminology to determine this skill, apply) the term "phonemic hearing") and auditory analysis and synthesis.


Classes in a form of workshops. During the classes, Children learn about various art techniques. One of such techniques is ceramics, that is work with clay, which greatly awakens artistic sensitivity and develops child's manual skills – clay forming is good gymnastics for small hands, which prepares them for efficient use of crayon and pencil. Children also have a unique opportunity to observe how a piece of clay can turn into a beautiful, colored product.

Rhythmic classes

The same as dance classes, rhythm is a lot of great fun, music, movement and a smile!

Story telling

All children like to listen to the stpries. As psychological research has shown, reading certain tales can help a child in many difficult emotional situations, such as irrational fears or the first days in kindergarten. Story telling is also an excellent relaxation method. Properly selected and told or read stories can calm the child down, even at bedtime or after a day full of excitement.

Traveler's Club

Thanks to meetings with people whose passion is learning about the world, Children have an opportunity to awake their nature of the discoverer and become the persons open to other cultures.

Nature Lover Club

Children have a chance to meet botanists and animal lovers. Together they discover the beauty of the nature around us, they learn how to respect and care for it.

Classes additionally paid - option

Drama in English

English language classes, run by a Native Speaker, contain elements of drama and pantomime. Children, in addition to the fact that they have a great time, also prepare various kinds of scenes, they play different characters visually and emotionally.


Under the supervision of an instructor Children practice turns, bridges and take part in various games that improve their bodies. The Children have lots of fun!

The Chess

Children learn how to play chess through entertainment. Various games and activities improve their logical thinking. Children get to know rules, strategies and planning while having fun.