Our team

We are teachers with a huge heart and many years of experience working with children, but also specialists in psychology, sensory integration, physiotherapy, children's mathematics, speech therapy, pedagogical therapy, with extensive experience in our specialization - each of us. Thanks to this and thanks to everyday cooperation in a well-coordinated team, we care not only about education, but above all about the correct, harmonious social and emotional development of our preschoolers.

M F &M M D

Magda & Magda

They have been running the Baby English Academy since 2009. It was their dream to find a place where young learners are welcomed with warm hearts. They are fully committed to run the kindergarten with positive energy and to bring joy to both children and their parents. Their first priority is the safety of the children and the staff. In addition to that, they make sure every child and the staff feel homely, healthy and cheerful. They also take care of the atmosphere at BEA and are always available when support is needed. Both are graduates of Economic studies, psychology and pedagogical studies. Healthy lifestyle fans, photography enthusiasts, mothers of four teenagers.


Ania – Teacher

She is a graduate of Maria Grzegorzewska University in Warsaw with the specialisation in pedagogical studies and the Technical University in Radom. She graduated in the field of Children's Mathematics as well as in the field of supporting the development of pre-school children. Working with children is her passion and her professional path ahead. She has been consistently working with children for many years now. Every day, she tries to bring a smile to little ones around her and educate them to discover the world. In her spare time, she enjoys riding her bike and meeting her family and friends.


Kani – Native Speaker

She took up teaching back in 2007 when she arrived in Poland. She has worked in a language school and in few kindergartens before joining as a  BEA staff member in 2008. Having completed a degree in International Studies at the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka, but being drowned to teaching young kids, gives her the opportunity to open little minds to a curious world. Her favourite part of teaching is the project-oriented approach, which enables children to participate in fun activities such as cooking, experiments and theatre. She enjoys travelling, hiking and reading.

john 1

John, Native Speaker

He graduated from University of Waterloo in Canada (BA in Fine Art.), Oxford House College in London (Celta) and UCL in London (Delta). He has been working with children, youth and adults for many years teaching English. Besides Poland, he also lived in England and Turkey for several years. Now he is happy to settle down and raise his daughter here in Poland. John likes cooking, hiking and reading.

Elyssa, Native Speaker

She completed a Bachelor degree in Drama and Music in Brisbane, Australia. After studies, she knew that she wanted to explore working with and teaching kids. Since that turning point, she has worked several Summers at American Summer camps, taught Drama classes with primary school children and been an English teacher in a private language school here in Poland. She loves that breakthrough moment when you’ve made a connection with a child and can see their mind opening to all possibilities that are wonderful and new! She has studied music and music theory since the age of seven, so she loves playing the guitar, piano, ukulele and singing. Living in Poland has also given her the time to explore different parts of the world and take up a new language - something which excites her everyday!

Paulina –Teacher

A graduate of ofigophrenopedagogy, typhlo-pedagogy as well as preschool and early school education at UKSW, she completed the Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska Child Mathematics course, Social Skills Training and Hand Therapy. She loves working with children. She is patient, cheerful, open and sincere. He easily establishes contact with children, gaining their sympathy and trust. In her work, she greatly supports the comprehensive development of the child, appreciates the creativity and commitment of children, and also motivates to action

Edyta –Teacher

A graduate of Pedagogy with a specialization in early school education with pre-school education at the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities. Studying and working in a kindergarten at the same time is fulfilling professionally, gaining experience and knowledge on an ongoing basis. He tries to learn as much as possible from the experience of his older friends, but also brings a lot from himself. When working with children, the most important thing for her is that the children willingly return to kindergarten every day with a smile on their face.


Ania – Teacher

A graduate of the Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education (specialization: early support for child development and preschool education). She continues her studies in the field of education and rehabilitation of people with intellectual disabilities. She has been working with children since the age of 15, including many years in the structures of the Polish Scouting Association (founder of 77 Gromada Zuchowa "Promyczki"). She worked as a tutor / animator at camps, scout camps, special events and as an English tutor for children, she also dealt with children individually. At work, she follows the words of her mentor, Janusz Korczak, "There are no children, there are people", focusing on joy, safety and independence of a young person. She is pleased to expand her practice with various courses and training. Privately, a lover of nature, travel, board games and good books.


iza g

Anetka –Teacher Assistant

Very cheerful, cheerful, patient, she greets the children with a smile every day. Working with the youngest is her greatest passion. An experienced and happy mother, she continues to deepen her education in the field of child psychology and improves her skills related to caring, playing and learning a young child. Involved with all her heart in what she does, she believes that we, adults, are on the list of our child's memories. In our kindergarten, she co-leads the youngest group of the Morning Kindergarten and assists in the kindergarten. She loves spending her free time with her family.

Iza –Teacher Assistant

A very cheerful, energetic and empathetic student of Pedagogy. Many years of experience in working with children in kindergarten confirmed her belief that she chose the most appropriate career path. He puts a lot of heart into her work

Marta – Psychologist

A graduate of Psychology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. She expanded her knowledge during postgraduate studies: in Applied Behavior Analysis, as well as Early Intervention - Help for a child and family. She also completed a Qualification Course for Professionally Active Teachers and a Course in Pedagogical Therapy. He is supervised by his work. Professing the philosophy that one should develop throughout life, he regularly participates in training courses and conferences on the diagnosis, therapy and development of children. In his work, he tries to combine behavioral, developmental and relationship-based approaches. She loves traveling, delicious food, and is interested in design and photography.