„0” class

The Baby English Academy provides a high level of implementation of the child preparation program for the school, in addition to constant contact with English.

The didactic and educational program implemented by us is in line with the core curriculum of MENiS, and we attach great importance to mathematical and physical education aimed at the proper development of the child’s large and small motor skills. It is known – in a healthy body – a healthy spirit!

In addition to the implementation of the core curriculum, which is designed to prepare the child for a good start in the school, we offer our students classes in Child Maths Method by prof. Gruszczyk – Kulczyńska and classes with elements of the Growing Movement W.Sherborne.

What classes do we offer?

  • English from “hello” to “good bye”, every day!
  • Rhythmic and Musical Classes
  • Classes with elements of Sensory Integration – preventive group sensory exercises
  • Ceramic classes
  • Dance classes
  • Fairy tales
  • Games with Speech – preventive group speech therapy exercises
  • Traveler’s Club
  • Nature Lover’s Club
  • Little Chef’s Club
  • Drama Club (optional)
  • Learning to Swim (optional)
  • Chess Wheel (optional)
  • Acrobatics (optional)

We offer children free screening tests in speech therapy and sensory (further therapy is optional).

Thanks to the care and commitment of our teachers, English and specialists, children are prepared for new school challenges, self-confident and, above all, satisfied and open to the world both in Polish and bilingual schools!