Pre-school groups

In the Baby English Academy, not only caring is important, but also introducing the child to the fascinating world of imagination and science. We support our pupils on their individual development path.

It’s all under the watchful eye of warm, kids loving personel. We focus on the warmth and homely atmosphere of a cozy kindergarten, but also on safety. That’s why our staff completed the first aid pediatric course. We have also invited the speech therapist, sensory Integration therapist and psychologist to cooperate.

We implement the didactic and educational program in accordance with the core curriculum of the Ministry of National Education and Sport in four areas:

getting to know and understanding yourself and the world

acquiring skills through action

finding your place in the group

building a value system

We put emphasis on these four areas, because they are primarily a comprehensive development of the child, satisfying its curiosity of the world, learning independence and interpersonal relationships.

What classes do we offer?

  • English from “hello” to “good bye”, every day!
  • Rhythmic and Musical Classes
  • Classes with elements of Sensory Integration – preventive group sensory exercises
  • Ceramic classes
  • Dance classes
  • Fairy tales
  • Games with Speech – preventive group speech therapy exercises
  • Traveler’s Club
  • Nature Lover’s Club
  • Little Chef’s Club
  • Drama Club (optional)
  • Learning to Swim (optional)
  • Chess Wheel (optional)
  • Acrobatics (optional)

We offer children free screening tests in speech therapy and sensory (further therapy is optional).

As part of the tuition fee, we provide:

  • Visits of interesting people: naturalists with their animal, crazy scientists, etc.
  • Interesting cultural program: visits to theaters, music concerts
  • Occasional balls
  • Events that the Parents, grandparents are invited to play together
  • … And much much more!