Nursery group

We have over 11 years of experience in education and childcare, especially for the youngest, we have opened the Morning Kindergarten – nursery group with English for children from the age of 2. Highly qualified staff of teachers and specialists with passion, rich didactic knowledge and many years of experience in working with children – our intimate Morning Nursery in Warsaw cordially invites you!

Our nursery provides a rich program of learning and playing, caring comprehensively for the development of every child from 2 y. Intimate conditions, friendly family atmosphere, a team of teachers, specialists and their individual approach to the needs of our pupils will allow each child healthy and harmonious development. From an early age, children can acquire the melody of the English language, while developing their talents in an atmosphere of great fun, under the guidance of a highly qualified pedagogues with passion. Our approach to children and the program of classes distinguishes us significantly from the other nurseries in the Wilanów.

We provide:

pre-school adaptation: we will introduce your child to the fascinating world of learning, movement and imagination, showing him how fun learning new things can be,

classes in Polish and English every day – it allows child to remember the accent and the “melody” of the language, making future learning even easier,

a wide range of movement and artistic activities, including elements of sensory integration, music and art classes, and much, much more,

caring for the health of each of our pupils, tasty meals in accordance with the principles of healthy eating, each of them prepared under the supervision of a nutritionist,

choosing the length of the child’s stay in the kindergarten: stay shortened to 14.00 or all day until 18.00

If you want to check what makes Baby English Academy different from the other nurseries, we invite you to visit. With us, your child will spread his wings!